How Facebook Killed The Human Connection

Now I'm not posting this to be rebellious or writing to gain attention from people. I felt it was time to explain that due to the changes at Facebook, it's made me reevaluate my relationships with people. 

I was one of those people that wouldn't delete Facebook because they needed to keep in touch with people.  I use to like seeing what my friends were up to, kids I went to grade school with, and Marines I served with in Iraq who were starting new chapters in their life after the military. I felt a sense of connectivity to everyone I had some personal encounter with. It felt like my friendships never ended. I felt Facebook was the only way to stay connected.

But I had a revelation awhile back. I realized that all the crap posted on Facebook and friends liking others status updates was not a way to have relationships. People on Facebook were having their friendships from a safe distance. 

Where was the human connection that made friendships unique? 

This wasn't a way I wanted to experience the rest of my life. I didn't want to connect with people from a safe distance especially ones I cared about. It had become ridiculous to a point where we rather post to Facebook than call or text people. It's only getting worst. Now the News Feed is an endless cycle of sponsored posts, vanity and solutions for my business enterprise. The loopholes for privacy have become a cause for concern for all users. 

So I took the leap of faith into uncharted waters. I deleted Facebook. It feels weird at first. You feel lost for a couple minutes as if you are now on the outside looking in. But then you start to feel a sense of liberation. You feel more and more free as if shackles have been removed from your arms and legs. I got emails and texts from my friends asking what the hell happened and how were they suppose to get in touch with me if I didn’t have Facebook.

One friend I replied with "you just did," and they responded with "Welcome to the dark ages."

So deleting Facebook isn't for everyone. I get that especially the comments so far I have received from people. I'm not merely suggesting you delete Facebook but think about the value of human interaction. Think about your friends and how you interact with them. There was a beauty to life without Facebook. There was no pressure to know the latest news. Your relationships with people were more meaningful because a phone call after weeks without speaking meant the world.